Superior Art room

When modern met classic, this duo was also joined by art. It is a room for those who always seek for something they have not experienced yet – for example, living in a space decorated by the best of Lithuanian artists. The final touch is a glass bathroom.

Standard room

A room for those who think that standards are something that can (and must) be redefined. And this is what we did – you will understand when you see a Queen-sized bed and a Chemex coffee maker.

Business room

This room is a space for ideas – no matter how challenging or thought-provoking they might be. No compromise for work, nor the quality of your rest. This room is known for its separate working area and a large bathroom.

Classy room

A room which says “look at me and don’t you dare to look away”. A perfect choice for those who like thought-provoking spaces with exceptional art installations and some extra comfort with everything one might need.

Mini Suite

When the world “relaxation” gets a bit boring, we feel the urge to redefine it. And, of course, we want you to see our vision as well. A spacious resting area, a lounge area and a luxurious terrace are all included.


No excuses or reasons to do anything less than perfectly – we value your time as it belongs to you. Therefore, we dedicate this room to those who are not afraid of saying “yes” and demand the best experience. A peaceful resting area, a spacious lounge and a balcony – everything is included.